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Case by Case NYC and journalist Andy Sobel engage in monthly dialogue with global thought leaders on key social issues that’ll impact your marketing campaigns in 2018,* these are their stories.


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— Dec 18
Audio Marketing

Case by Case NYC-OPEN-Topics-2018-Music-Dec.jpg

What is the sound of your success?

— Nov 18
Financial Tech

Will Fintech fix the future?

— Oct 18
Social Activism

Can a brand be “woke” better?

— Sep 18


Are we losing non-digital history?

— Aug 18
Future Home

Which brands will rule your future home?

— Jul 18
Experience Design

Who’s at the center of your designs?

— Jun 18

How can happiness add value to work?

— May 18
Virtual Reality

Is your virtual my reality?

— Apr 18
Green Energy

How green is your blockchain?

— Mar 18
Women’s Voices

Is the next #MeToo about #money?

— Feb 18
Data Science

Is your data ready to breed?

— Jan 18
Artificial Intelligence

Are you obsolete, already?

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