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We are Case by Case NYC, born in New York City, creating in Hamburg and serving the world.

Photo by Mia Dahlmer

Photo by Mia Dahlmer


—  This is a Passion

If you are looking for just “content marketing and strategy,” we respectfully suggest you look elsewhere. If, however, you want to tell the most compelling stories, ones that will blow people away, then ok, now we're talking. Because for us, this is a passion. We love what we do. And if we're going to work together, you’re going to need to love what you do, too.

Our work-style? Flexible (we listen), lean (no unnecessary costs), multidisciplinary (we’ve been around) and future-focused (informed by the past, but focused on tomorrow). We use our global creative network for inspiration and to build teams (designers, developers, writers and strategists) that help to create magnetic solutions — resonant, memorable, sticky ones — that connect customers with your brand.

So join us. We’ve teamed with large multinationals, we’ve dreamed with recent start-ups. Banking, luxury, automotive, media and philanthropy: We get it. And if we don’t get it, we know where to find it.

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Mia Dahlmer Founder Case by Case NYC OPEN Topics 2018

—  Mia Dahlmer, Creative Director

I am a born-global, curious, founder of, creative thinker and solution seeker. Add to that list, multidisciplinary and multilingual (English, Finnish, German) senior creative who has used her passion for visual communication on projects ranging from advertising concepts, to video production, branding, editorial and interactive. Let's build together! 



—  Todd Gilmour, Chief Creation Officer

A creative lead who's worked for start-up publishers and media moguls alike, identifying, inspiring and mentoring designers and production teams in New York and London to create award-winning, story-driven, cross-platform campaigns across a wide range of categories. 




—  We have proudly used our passion to add value to some of the following companies:

American Express
Bank of America
Fifth Third Private Bank
Mercedes-Benz Daimler
The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal


Let’s talk!

—  Want us to get to work and help you connect with your customers? Are you looking to collaborate with us, book us for a talk or a workshop? Contact us! We operate out of NYC and Hamburg, Germany, to work with you locally and globally.  

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